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Racism: Still Alive and Kicking in Northern New Jersey

October 17, 2008

I am far from ultra-sensitive about race.  I find it to be one of the funnier things about people, and one of the easiest to mock.  I’ve heard the jokes about black men not being able to get cabs and remember the time when Danny Glover couldn’t get one, but I had never personally witnessed it until last night.

This is a copy of an email I sent to Jersey City Code Enfocement:

Hello #####,

As per our earlier conversation, I witnessed events at the cab stand at Journal Square in Jersey City that suggest to me that certain cab drivers may be refusing passengers based on race.

My girlfriend and I were lined up to take a cab home from the station (we live on Carlton, in the Heights district).  While the line turned into a bit of a cluster, the black gentleman two places ahead of us in line was refused by three different cabs, including #30, the one that picked us up.  I asked that the driver take the young man too, because he was also going to the Heights, but he declined, citing that he may get a ticket.

I understand that without direction from an official, cabs aren’t supposed to take on multiple fares, but several cabs were doing it.  And again, empty cabs were refusing to take this man, but accepting other fares.  The man was in his mid twenties and was wearing a yellow sweatshirt.

If it is possible to have an investigation opened to look into possible occurrences of racism at the cab stand, I would like that very much as my girlfriend and I found this event very troubling.  I look forward to hearing back from someone in your office regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Jon Anderson

This is two-thousand fucking eight and this shit still happens on a regular basis?  What a place we live in.