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App Review: Get Home by William Wilkinson

May 21, 2009


I was intrigued when I saw a post from willw describing his new application, Get Home. If you are new to a strange city or have trouble getting home when you’ve been drinking, you have everything you need right there, with your home address pre-programmed in.

I think it is a great idea, and the interface is easily used and customized. unfortunately, there are couple of problems with execution.

When you click on either walking directions or bus route, it simply throws you into Google Maps. Not a problem in itself, but it doesn’t bring you straight to walking directions or public transportation directions, instead, you are put into the last mode you were using (driving, walking, or public transport). Basically, walking directions and bus schedule are the same button.

Also, for whatever reason it always puts the hybrid display mode up, and I personally prefer just the basic map.

The get taxi brings up Google Maps with a list of car service providers in your vicinity, and the call or text contact option works as described.

My criticism might seem nit picky, but this is the kind of application that could seriously help a drunk person, and if said drunk person is instructed to walk through the Holland Tunnel, he could have problems.

My other main criticism is the price. This would be the perfect 99 cent app (after it’s patched), and I think Will might be missing out on a ton of business by putting it at $1.99. This may seem like a small difference, but 99 cents is the “magic” price point. Why do you think apple fought so hard to keep record companies from jacking up the prices in their music store?

All that being said, it was a great idea, I’d just like to see it fixed.

Get Home on the App Store


BuzzFeed: Shark Jumper.

January 23, 2009

Alternate titles:
Buzzfeed: R.I.P.  whenever – today
Buzzfeed: Torrent Tracker and Recycled Links of 2006’s Hottest Viral Videos


But fucking seriously folks, Scott Lamb should be fucking ashamed of himself.  The site that used to be about finding your new favorite thing, is now about stupidity and stealing movies.  Lamb’s latest post is a link to various torrents of the films nominated for the Academy Awards.  Wait, this dude didn’t even do that; he linked to fucking google searches of “titleofmovie+torrent.”  I couldn’t make this shit up.

Listen, I really used to like this site.  I used to contribute all the time, but it deteriorated into making up backlash for things that no reasonable person would dislike (only bitter ass bloggers) and reposting old viral videos.  And as soon as they let the flood gates open, you know, the Raw Feed, there was just a shit ton of spam anyway.  And how does that K.L. May guy get to keep an account?

Oh, and the fucking badge system, don’t get me started.” LOL”, “Viral!”, “Reddit”, “WTF?”…I thought you were better than that.

I’m not the best blogger, writer, whatever out there; I’m mediocre at best, but do you see any links to The Pirate Bay on this little page? Nope.  i may get about 20 hits a day, and 15 of those may go to a (mostly) plagiarized drinking game from the election, but at least I know where I stand.

This might invite some backlash, or it could go ignored, but I just want the old BuzzFeed back.

Writing a word and then putting backlash and a question mark is good for no one.

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Stuff I Like Today: Donny Miller.

January 21, 2009

I’m pretty behind on this one, but I really like Donny Miller today.  Check out one of his pieces:


That shit will be getting framed.

His site is pretty wonky, but to get to his Archives, hit up the following link:

And to get his book for like five bucks on Amazon, go to fucking Amazon.  His calender is still going for ten or so, but you can cut out the images and frame them, as he doesn’t seem to have prints available.

In other news, Brandon Bird is having a sale. So buy some stuff from him.  Because he is awesome, that’s why.

Things not to say to your ex-boyfriend:

January 18, 2009

“So I was hanging out with this dude and this other person showed up, so we decided to make up a rumor that we all fucked.  You know, because law school is like high school.”

Wii Gamers, You Are The Problem.

December 19, 2008

Here are the top ten selling games for Xbox 360 and Wii on at 10:00 AM on December 19, 2008:360wii

You know what the difference is?  The average metacritic score of the top 10 selling Xbox games is 86.4 (Fuck You, Shaun White) and the Wii’s average is 74.8.  More than ten whole points!

What does this mean?  As long as you keep buying crap games, they’ll keep making bullshit like We Ski and **shudder** Wii Music.  I own both systems, and could use another Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, or Twilight Princess, but what’s Nintendo’s big release this holiday season? Fucking Animal Crossings.  Fuck you Nintendo, and fuck you consumers for buying into their bullshit.

Looking for the McCain hate? Sorry, it moved.

December 10, 2008

42 Thing to hate about John McCain has moved:

The Best (Around)

November 11, 2008

I’ve loved this song for ages, and because of it, Capcom just made a day one sale…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Street Fighter II: Street Fighter II …“, posted with vodpod

McCain Death Clock.

October 29, 2008

Ooooh controversy!

Click on the picture.

Click on the picture.


Racism: Still Alive and Kicking in Northern New Jersey

October 17, 2008

I am far from ultra-sensitive about race.  I find it to be one of the funnier things about people, and one of the easiest to mock.  I’ve heard the jokes about black men not being able to get cabs and remember the time when Danny Glover couldn’t get one, but I had never personally witnessed it until last night.

This is a copy of an email I sent to Jersey City Code Enfocement:

Hello #####,

As per our earlier conversation, I witnessed events at the cab stand at Journal Square in Jersey City that suggest to me that certain cab drivers may be refusing passengers based on race.

My girlfriend and I were lined up to take a cab home from the station (we live on Carlton, in the Heights district).  While the line turned into a bit of a cluster, the black gentleman two places ahead of us in line was refused by three different cabs, including #30, the one that picked us up.  I asked that the driver take the young man too, because he was also going to the Heights, but he declined, citing that he may get a ticket.

I understand that without direction from an official, cabs aren’t supposed to take on multiple fares, but several cabs were doing it.  And again, empty cabs were refusing to take this man, but accepting other fares.  The man was in his mid twenties and was wearing a yellow sweatshirt.

If it is possible to have an investigation opened to look into possible occurrences of racism at the cab stand, I would like that very much as my girlfriend and I found this event very troubling.  I look forward to hearing back from someone in your office regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Jon Anderson

This is two-thousand fucking eight and this shit still happens on a regular basis?  What a place we live in.

Movie Review: Religulous

October 10, 2008