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BuzzFeed: Shark Jumper.

January 23, 2009

Alternate titles:
Buzzfeed: R.I.P.  whenever – today
Buzzfeed: Torrent Tracker and Recycled Links of 2006’s Hottest Viral Videos


But fucking seriously folks, Scott Lamb should be fucking ashamed of himself.  The site that used to be about finding your new favorite thing, is now about stupidity and stealing movies.  Lamb’s latest post is a link to various torrents of the films nominated for the Academy Awards.  Wait, this dude didn’t even do that; he linked to fucking google searches of “titleofmovie+torrent.”  I couldn’t make this shit up.

Listen, I really used to like this site.  I used to contribute all the time, but it deteriorated into making up backlash for things that no reasonable person would dislike (only bitter ass bloggers) and reposting old viral videos.  And as soon as they let the flood gates open, you know, the Raw Feed, there was just a shit ton of spam anyway.  And how does that K.L. May guy get to keep an account?

Oh, and the fucking badge system, don’t get me started.” LOL”, “Viral!”, “Reddit”, “WTF?”…I thought you were better than that.

I’m not the best blogger, writer, whatever out there; I’m mediocre at best, but do you see any links to The Pirate Bay on this little page? Nope.  i may get about 20 hits a day, and 15 of those may go to a (mostly) plagiarized drinking game from the election, but at least I know where I stand.

This might invite some backlash, or it could go ignored, but I just want the old BuzzFeed back.

Writing a word and then putting backlash and a question mark is good for no one.

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Stuff I Like Today: Donny Miller.

January 21, 2009

I’m pretty behind on this one, but I really like Donny Miller today.  Check out one of his pieces:


That shit will be getting framed.

His site is pretty wonky, but to get to his Archives, hit up the following link:

And to get his book for like five bucks on Amazon, go to fucking Amazon.  His calender is still going for ten or so, but you can cut out the images and frame them, as he doesn’t seem to have prints available.

In other news, Brandon Bird is having a sale. So buy some stuff from him.  Because he is awesome, that’s why.

Things not to say to your ex-boyfriend:

January 18, 2009

“So I was hanging out with this dude and this other person showed up, so we decided to make up a rumor that we all fucked.  You know, because law school is like high school.”