Wii Gamers, You Are The Problem.


Here are the top ten selling games for Xbox 360 and Wii on Amazon.com at 10:00 AM on December 19, 2008:360wii

You know what the difference is?  The average metacritic score of the top 10 selling Xbox games is 86.4 (Fuck You, Shaun White) and the Wii’s average is 74.8.  More than ten whole points!

What does this mean?  As long as you keep buying crap games, they’ll keep making bullshit like We Ski and **shudder** Wii Music.  I own both systems, and could use another Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, or Twilight Princess, but what’s Nintendo’s big release this holiday season? Fucking Animal Crossings.  Fuck you Nintendo, and fuck you consumers for buying into their bullshit.


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One Response to “Wii Gamers, You Are The Problem.”

  1. spolastre Says:

    This is a pretty cool analysis that you did. Do you think it might be that Wii is also very popular with smaller children compared to Xbox 360?

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