So, the old joke goes…


Fat girls are like mopeds; they’re fun to fuck in the ass, but you wouldn’t want to date them. EDIT: Ok, that was mean.


I mean, fat girls are like mopeds:  fun to ride, but you wouldn’t want you’re friends to see you on one.

That’s how I feel about Silicon Knights’ much anticipate, much dissed Too Human.

I wrote a full review, but then I realised how unnecessary the whole review was.  The game has its problems, but I had fun playing it, and isn’t that what we really want from our games?  I honestly wouldn’t even be pissed off about the length of the game (10 or so hours) if it felt like a complete product, but it doesn’t, it feels like an opening act.  Not like part one of a planned trilogy (which given the game’s reception, seems unlikely now), but part 1 of that part 1.

Oh well.  So, by me wanting DLC for the game, I’m pretty much saying, “Too Human, get your  chubby ass back here, so I can tap that.”



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