Is it just me…


Or does the show “Heroes” appear to be just about the gayest thing ever.

This is from someone who spends way more money than he’d like to admit on comic books, owns multiple versions of Superman II, Daredevil (yeah, the one with Ben Affleck), and Sin City. Fuck, I even have a bootleg copy of the Fantastic Four movie from Roger Corman that was sooo bad and never released.

I remember watching the first few episodes when it started and losing interest after it took a two-month break in the winter as the big shows tend to do now and I just didn’t start watching it again. I was almost tempted to flip it on after hearing that George Takai was on the show, but even Mr. Sulu could not entice me to watch what appears to be the single biggest fucking cheesefest to have millions of people watching it weekly.

Plus, isn’t the teenage chick banging the dude in his 30s? I’m sooo sure they waited for her birthday, god-damn Hollywood and their turning a blind eye to statutory rape.


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